Welcome to the Awakened World, and to one of the places most anathema to it: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

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In a city known for fallen ambitions, choking smog, and urban wastelands, there is seldom a reason to hope. The world is dotted with such dismal places, almost magical in their despair, but Detroit is one of the most merciless examples of it: it’s abandoned factories churn with life at night, but without a known purpose. The mystic Nodes, wellsprings of power and magick, shrivel and perish under the oppressive weight of the Pogrom of the metropolis. Megacorporations slowly stretch tendrils into every restoration effort, seemingly only to poison them. Vast stretches of the city are without power or life, serving as the wastes traveled by the twenty-first-century nomads of America, a mass of homeless people so numerous as to threaten the “proper” population. Detroit is, to the citizens who flee it and those fools who seek a new life at it’s heart, a whirlpool that takes everything and gives nothing back.

Perhaps you’re there in spite of that. Perhaps you’re there because of that. Being Awakened has made you see with a clarity never possessed in your life as a Sleeper: the truths of society, and the monsters that nibble at its edges or form its very structures, are so apparent as to make the Sleeper’s ignorance appalling. The true pit of misery that is this city was never so readily apparent to you as it is now, but neither was the power of your will given form. If there is anything that might raise a city out of Hell, it would be the magick that can shake the very pillars of Heaven.

Motor City Magick

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